The newest challenge issued by Charli Mills at is “write a 99 word story ‘for a day.'” My little brain took a protagonist through a memory. Please let me know if you’ve participated so I can cheer you on, and as always, I enjoy hearing your thoughts on my attempt.

Without further ado:

Marching on the Twenty-fifth

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

She pulled the box from beneath her childhood bed and blew dust from its top. Bound with a chocolate heart’s red ribbon, the box held a maiden’s treasures. Poetic offerings from her only high school beau. A green pinkie ring – his favorite color. Her prom photo – They’d missed most of the dance, but their youthful smiles didn’t mind. A tiny brass rose and dolphin bookends. A dried corsage, its decayed perfume more vibrant than its crumbling flowers. An envelope of ticket stubs decorated with a floating dinosaur. No longer Romeo’s Juliette, she replaced the lid and slid it back.