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Isaiah Wooding, WPXI, PIttsburgh Isaiah Wooding. WPXI, Pittsburgh

Knocked Down

February 10, 2016

Students at Penn Hills High School filmed an assault against Isaiah Wooding, a sixteen year old main-streamed student who battles Cerebral Palsy. As may be anticipated in this share-happy society, some enthusiastic schoolmate posted the video. It features a large boy kicking Mr. Wooding in the chest. Isaiah Wooding fell back and slammed his head on the ground. Most disturbing of all, the sound of gleeful laughter assails the viewer, adding to the hurt of the experience with additional ridicule. When interviewed at the hospital, Mr. Wooding admitted to frequent victimization but feels his education is worth the risk of harm to himself. His mother, Margaret, sees the incident as a teachable moment that affects everyone.

This incident does not exist in a vacuum. According to documents from the Bureau of Justice’s Statistical reports, in 2012 the rate of a…

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