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Goodbye Gram

Charli Mills’ latest https://Carrot August 31, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a goodbye. It can be the last polka until next time; a farewell without end; a quick see ya later.

This is my goodbye story.


Goodbye Gram

written by Kerry E.B. Black


Ariel dreaded the M.I.U. and its decaying grandeur.

Gram rested in an over-sized chair before a quiet television. The other residents’ smiles quavered across wizened faces, searching for recognition. They found none.

The nurse whispered a warning in Ariel’s ear.

As she stroked her Gram’s pigment-free hair, a tear slid over Ariel’s cheek.

Gram stirred and searched Ariel’s face. “Is it you?”

Her heart leapt. “Yes, Gram, it’s Ariel. I love you.”

Gram’s bony finger collected her tear. “I love you, too, dear.”

Ariel cried into her Gram’s lap, uncertain even at the end if her Gram really recognized her.

Dinosaur in Translation

My friend Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch issued a challenge- write a story in 99 words including a dinosaur reference. This is my offering.


Dinosaur in Translation

Written by Kerry E.B. Black


Senora thundered like a Tyrannosaurus through the classroom, her glares quieting even the most troublesome of her students. “Open your books to chapter twenty-three,” she instructed, staring them into compliance. “Who can tell me the meaning of the passage at the top of the page?”

None of the pupils met her gaze.

Senora commanded, “Maria, recite.”

With a trembling voice, Maria began, “Hay un dinosaurio grande en la entrada…”

“Maria, por favor.”

Maria giggled, noting Senora’s position in the doorway. She cleared her voice and restarted. “Hay un dinosaurio grandee n la entrada de la escuela.”

The children laughed.T-rex.jpg

Darkly Never After

The author's horror selfie.

Of all the anthologies in which I have published works, this is one of my favorites. All proceeds from Darkly Never After go to pediatric cancer research. I have two short stories and a scattering of poems included.

One story follows a home health care worker on a swampy assignment. The other looks into the dark influence of jealousy.

However, it is to go out of print soon, so if you want a copy for a good cause, head to:

or other outlets and snag a copy!


Bones III


A boy digs in his sandbox and makes an incriminating and improbable discovery in my story which is included in this fine anthology of creepy tales.

Available at Amazon:

Anything Goes Volume 2

In this anthology, I have a story called “Home for the Holidays” in which the hero survives a crash and a close encounter with a mythical being in a Pennsylvania wood when driving Home for the Holidays.

Anything Goes 2

The eclectic collection of tales is available at 

Sins Series

In this anthology of historical horrors, I have a short story of Tudor terror called Maleficium.

Sins of the Past



The second installment of the anthology is called Sins of the Future, and my short story places the Malefic Demons in an age when books are maligned antiques.

Sins of the Future

The editors of this series are working to release the latest installment of the Sins of Time series, Sins of Elsen When, later in 2016. Visit The Sins of Time Site for more information.



War Anthology

Published through 13 O’Clock Press, this book packs a punch. I have two shorts in this collection of war time stories. “Set for the Charge” and “Summoning War.” I hope you’ll check them out.


Singing in the Spring

Singing in the Spring

A retelling of a Coastal Salish legend by Kerry E.B. Black


Winter’s grasp tightened, choking life from the land and People. Frozen ground yielded no nourishment. Ice hardened lakes trapped fishes. Caught in a world of unending sleep, the People mourned the sun and prayed for deliverance.

Frog blinked her moss-green eyes and listened to their laments. She stretched and chirped until her voice warmed. Her song echoed off the icicles and bounced off snow drifts taller than hills. Frog sang on, her trembling body perched along the shore, until, moved by her devotion, the Sun smiled.

The People tilted their heads and caught the scent of Spring on a breeze. “Thank you, Frog.” They carved Frog’s image and painted her likeness as thanks.

The elders sang along, throaty imitations of Frog’s brilliant tune. Like sap in the nearby trees, hope quickened within every heart. Animals nosed from their frosty abodes, and tribal mothers nodded to one another, putting aside Pot Latching and winter things. All creation breathed rain-moist air as winter melted into memory.20160721_163016

Ill-planned Flight

The indomitable Charlie Mills at Carrot Ranch presented a new challenge. Write a story in 99 words about a cat. Here’s my offering. What do you think?

Ill-planned Flight

A story in 99 words Written by Kerry E.B. Black

With a rumble, her stomach reminded Sylvie of ever-present hunger. She licked the fur along her protruding ribs and purred a reassurance like the lullaby the sick Girl’s Momma sang when tucking the Girl in to sleep.

The Girl would clutch Sylvie like a stuffed toy. One spring evening, the girl sobbed into Sylvie’s fur, muttering about nurses and shots. Sylvie wriggled free and fled to lick the salt from her coat. The Momma leapt at her, but Sylvie dashed out an open door and hid beneath the porch.

When an ambulance collected the girl, the family forgot Sylvie.


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