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Happy birthday, George R.R. Martin

Happy birthday, George R.R. Martin, writer of amazing stories. Known for his detailed and dark plots, compelling, often flawed characters, and intriguing dialogue, Martin writes at his own pace. When asked why he kills off main characters, he asserted he wants his readers to genuinely fear for their favorites, fear turning the page when one is in danger. His most notable book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” serves as the inspiration for the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” His written works have earned Hugo, Nebula, and Bram Stoker awards, and his adaptation has garnered many Emmy and other awards. He produced television’s “Beauty and the Beast,” is an active member of SFWA, and speaks at conventions. He announced good news for his fans. His “Wild Cards” will be adapted for television, and he will produce Nnedi Okorafor’s “Who Fears Death.” He and his wife support a Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary near his home in New Mexico, USA.

George R.R. Martin


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Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Essay by Kerry E. B. Black, esteemed Friend of Rough Writers.

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To write is simple, some say. Every literate person holds the capability of putting pen to paper or fingers to keys to produce the next great novel. However, words are like water. They skip about. Some hold multiple meanings, while others change throughout time. The human experience finds definition in capturing triumphs and struggle, and although times change, humanity rarely does. Writing documents is the finest and the worst about society. It focuses attention, and in so doing raises awareness and conscience.

Writing is producing word after word to create complete thoughts and convey images. Like Alice chasing an elusive albino hare in a waist coat down a rabbit hole, writers pursue an ideal. Beautiful prose elevates a message. When the words flow onto the page in gorgeous, heart-catching, mind-expanding eddies, a special magic ensues. Yet…

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Crowing for a Peaceful New Year — Kerry – 2/28/2017

One Year of Letters is a wonderful project.

One Year of Letters

16939224_10208742264293269_4664538139264927668_nCrowing for a Peaceful New Year

February 28, 2017

A new year dawned recently, the year of the rooster, and red is the color of wished good fortune in China. So when the morning dawned with a glorious, crimson-stained sky, I sighed at nature’s synchronicity. The date for the Chinese New Year has been determined by the Chinese lunar calendar perhaps since the time of the first emperor, Huang Di around 2637 BC. Because it uses moon phases for its measurement, the day is never the same according to our western reckoning. However, fireworks, parades, amazing food, and red envelopes wishing good fortune mark the occasion.

According to mythology, the Jade Emperor oversaw a race with all the animals, and the first twelve winners became the representatives of the Chinese zodiac. This year’s representative is the Rooster, who came in tenth, and represents reliability, fidelity, and punctuality. People born under…

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On Writing a Will – Kerry- 2/07/17

Written for the One Year of Letters Project.

One Year of Letters

16640676_10208623218717204_1236762277103158271_nFebruary 11th, 2017

On Writing a Will – Kerry E.B. Black

Dear Reader

Although it will sound like an oxymoron, I discovered a will is a living document. My latest health scare spurred me to create a will. I have children to protect somehow, after all, and although I’ve little to provide for them monetarily, I at least need to offer some small guidance for once I’ve shed this mortal coil and left them to their own devices.

As I wrote, I realized how little of monetary value I would leave behind. I am a woeful provider. I’ve worked most of my life, yet I have little to show for the efforts. I own a flooding house where the once-beautiful yard is now reduced to a swamp. The cars are not in my name. I own little jewelry, and what I have is not worth much money. Certainly, nobody should…

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Blocked Way

Charli Mills and the good folk at issued a new 99 word challenge, and this is my response. Please let me know what you think.

Blocked Way

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

Insurmountable as a mountain, a boulder blocked the trail. Cindy’s mount snorted a cloud of displeasure into the winter air as Cindy considered other paths. Ice made the left impassable, and thick, snow-covered branches provided an impenetrable barrier into the woods.

She sighed into her mount’s neck. “My life.” An overbearing ex, condescending family, and unpleasable boss filled her existence with self-doubt. Only riding healed her.

She dismounted and pushed, but the stone remained. She rounded it and began breaking branches. Blood trickled from scrapes from the effort, but she forced a path, determined not to be stymied again.



Elf on the Shelf — Kerry – 12/15/2015

A letter from last year concerning “The Elf on the Shelf.”

One Year of Letters

12358035_10205351926016931_1654447346_nElf on the Shelf

December 15, 2015

It is a trend here in the United States to position a plastic-faced, limp-bodied elf doll about the house to inspire children to do as asked. The elf watches with its insipid grin and sidelong glances, and then (or so the story goes) rushes off to the North Pole to fill the Big Guy in on the children’s goings on. The tattling of these elves can land non-compliant children on the Naughty List. The frighteningly innocent-looking doll determines the children’s fate.

However, if you can’t trust the reporter, how can you trust the report?

You see, a cursory glance through Pinterest will reveal Elves leaving shelves to go on benders. They indulge in questionable behavior with other dolls, draw mustaches on family portraits, and engage in all sorts of unsavory activities. In my estimation, these dubious practices enacted in drawn-out tableaux across the…

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I Voted — Kerry – 11/14/2016

This was my experience with my daughter’s first year of voting this year.

One Year of Letters

14976225_10207844503889820_320368618_oI Voted

November 14, 2016

Today, our nation votes for a new president. Here, a senate seat, several local officers, and a poorly veiled referendum will be decided as well. I took my sixteen-year-old to witness the voting process, as I have since she was small. She will be eligible to vote soon, just like her idealistic college-age sister.

Then there’s my nineteen-year-old. My Bear. She is biologically eligible to vote, yet because of her mental impairments, I hesitated when it came to registration. She and I talked long and hard about the state of the country and the candidates. We discussed the duties and importance of the offices. She twirled her hair, overwhelmed. When I studied communications in college years ago, I wore journalistic integrity like a mantle. I secured a job as a correspondent for a local Gannet publication, and for every assignment, I kept distance and perspective…

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