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Peter Pan-ism — Kerry – 5/2/2016

This is my latest letter published to the amazing

One Year of Letters

13153383_10206363217738592_1934734842_nPeter Pan-ism

May 2, 2016

I love Sir James Barrie’s adventurous “Peter Pan” stories. Peter acts as the spirit of youth, joy, and adventure, the child who escaped the fate of aging using Pixie Dust and by traveling to a magical Neverland.

I took the three youngest of my kids to see an excellent production of “Peter Pan” at a local high school renowned for their theatricals. Peter flew into a nursery and spirited away the Darling children. A sparkling, tinkling light represented Peter’s devoted fairy friend, Tinkerbell. The orchestra performed beautifully, the cast sang and danced like champions, and the production will doubtless win Woodland Hills High School plenty of acclaim.

My S-Bear’s birthday approaches, her last as a teenager. Her enthusiasm for attending the Peter Pan musical dwarfed our excitement. For almost two weeks, she rocked with excitement. Once we finally had seats in the crowded auditorium, she…

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Sportsmanship and Selflessness — Kerry – 4/25/2016

@1yearofletters is a wonderful project. I’m honored to participate.

One Year of Letters

13084306_10206323167217354_1939890636_nSportsmanship and Selflessness

April 25, 2016

Today, M-man took the field for his first day of T-ball. He overcame shyness, prying himself from my leg, and donned his LA Dodgers uniform. He looked adorable as he imitated his coach’s stance, gloved hand on his knees. He fielded and hit and ran the bases, though he did forget to drop the bat after batting. The whole time, he grinned.

In fact, the enthusiasm of all the children on the team left me energized and charmed. They patted each other on the back as they rounded bases and embraced at home, although they only met a brief few minutes before.

The afternoon reminded me of one of S-bear’s horse shows. She participated in an adapted riding program, and in the autumn, the stable hosted a show with judges and ribbons. The kids quivered with anticipation. One of S-bear’s team, a young man…

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Divorce and Friendship — Kerry – 4/18/2016 was good enough to publish my latest weekly letter. I do hope you’ll check out their site.

One Year of Letters

shakespeare_caesar_quote_products_et_tu_brute_postcard-rc5b4c8b726384895aeb3eb43b7e3795c_vgbaq_8byvr_324Divorce and Friendship

April 18, 2016

Make no mistake. Divorce does not only involve the couple separating. I’m not talking about the unfortunate children caught up in the drama. Theirs is a particularly painful and messed up odyssey even in the most amicable of splits, and an entire psychological team wouldn’t be able to do justice to their plight in the span of a single letter. I don’t feel equal to exploring their saga in such a format.

The purpose of this letter concerns friends and family of a divorcing couple.

Memories of my divorce vacillate between pain-dulled to raw and visceral, but the utter abandonment by many I considered friends shocked me.

As a single mom of a then infant and a little one with special needs, getting out and about was difficult at best. I cherished adult interactions, but with the divorce, many such ties fell away. With…

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My Love for Her — Kerry – 4/11/2016

My latest installment in the excellent

One Year of Letters

11214732_10206240667514913_9052733141022030037_nMy Love for Her

April 11, 2016

I have a little girl I adore more than I can say. Her bright curls cage the sun, and her vivacity and unique approach to life captures my heart.

As with all of my children, I pour love into her cup each morning, pour until it overflows and spills to puddles at her feet. Most days, she leaves the cup on the counter and goes about her day. I set the cup aside, clean it for use when she comes home. When she returns, I reach for her, long to embrace my growing beauty, but she stiffens and dodges. “Oh, Mother,” she says.

“I love you,” I tell her. I write the words in notes and unanswered texts. I end every conversation with the words that consume my heart. “I love you, my daughter.”

Her silence crackles like an aneurism. It digs a…

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Photo Identity- Kerry E.B. Black – 04/05/16

Relating an experience with the folks.

One Year of Letters


April 5th, 2016

Photo Identity – Kerry E.B. Black

Dear Reader-

In a society obsessed with image, where care is taken to produce a nonchalant selfie…

Despite hiring an attorney, facing the court to petition for guardianship for my S-Bear, and filing a ton of yearly paperwork, I was informed I needed a photo id for my disabled adult child. So, I took her to the DMV.

There was a wait, as anticipated. The surprise came in the “do not use cellular phones, electronic devices, or earbuds” sign. I stowed the devices in my purse. Beside the sign was another issuing a probation against eating and drinking. To keep from annoying the others caught in the purgatory that is the DMV, we sat off on our own. I did my best to occupy two short-attention-spanned young people. We petted S-bear’s service dog and talked with two other bored little girls…

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Different Kind of Holiday — Kerry – 3/28/2016

My latest One Year of Letters

One Year of Letters

12921125_10206109897685749_1614491715_nDifferent Kind of Holiday

March 28, 2016

This Easter morning, I rise with the sun. Nursery pink mingles with grey-blue stratus clouds, fading to salmon and gold as day breaks. I wait for the breakfasts in bed we ordered last night, but they don’t arrive. I check the hall outside our hotel room. Nobody wheels carts our way. I wake my husband and ask him to call the kitchen while I take my S-bear’s service dog outside.

Plans change, even those prepared with care. The kids will have to eat breakfast in a hurry because of the mistake. We’ll dress in our Sunday best and follow the GPS to their grandparents’ church. The service is different than our home church’s. No kneelers or pews. No priest or communion. Instead, we sing with a praise band.

Different. It is a different kind of Easter for my family. Their Pop celebrates his…

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Happy Thoughts — Kerry – 3/14/2016

My wise son’s inspiration.

One Year of Letters

11297766_10205932285205548_1372152189_nHappy Thoughts

March 14, 2016

Today has been a rough day. All parents have them, days that jackhammer the foundation and cover every experience with the dust of broken hearts, crumpled promises, and decimated plans. Like wrecking balls, the kids go toe-to-toe with words and blows like boxers in an arena, as parents step between their progeny, more like punching bags than referees. Indeed, today made me long for the serenity of a long, lonely drive – perhaps I’d drive far enough north to see the northern lights dance before returning home.

Instead, I fed them and sent them off to bed. I nestled my 5 year old M-Man close for his bed time story. His actions during the hellacious experience involved only minor naughtiness. He put his head to my chest. “I hear your heart.” He looked up, his brows shadowy concern. “I think it sounds like it might…

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Hit and Run — Kerry – 3/7/2016

One Year of Letters

12822261_10205886106091099_1920895854_nHit and Run

March 7, 2016

Sometimes, life hits us in the gut, slamming us with hard choices. We must decide how to respond, choose our course of action despite the push and crash. Will we do the right thing or will we run, cowards when faced with our own crimes?

My eldest daughter is a young woman of twenty-one largely sensible years. On Super Bowl Sunday, she watched the commercials (certainly not the game since she’s not a football fan) at her boyfriend’s house. She promised to be home by eleven, but a less-than-sensible aspect of her composition includes a blatant lack of time management. After the evening news ended at eleven-thirty, my husband climbed into a warm bath and I nestled into my corner of the couch, comfy in my jammies, to catch up on the world of social media.

A sickening sound outside made my insides jumble…

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Viva the Vampire Slayer — Kerry – 2/22/2016

Please stop by to check out other insightful letters by talented writers.

One Year of Letters

Mutant Enemy Productions Mutant Enemy Productions

Viva the Vampire Slayer (and Family Unifier)

February 22, 2016

As a parent, we often do things we’d otherwise never consider, simply because the action might benefit our children. We eat the inedible breakfasts in bed and Easy Bake creations for the sake of their self-esteem and smiles. We listen to hours of monotonous tunes until our brains turn mushy and adult interaction seems an exotic allure.

As they age, we read books of their liking to hold discussions on the subject. We become experts in archery, fencing, martial arts, or color guard. Knowing we must “go” where their hearts reside, we learn about their friends. We attend school plays and PTA meetings that we might chaperone field trips. We camp beneath snake pits at the zoo when our Harry Potter fans wants to try out parseltongue. We endure unhospitable weather for scouting trips, all in the…

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