Charli Mills shares a darling story of a little cherub and her own changing life this week for the Carrot Ranch 99 word challenge.

I’ve written my response below. What do you think? I hope you’ll tag me if you participate so I can read your 99 word story, too.

Cherry Wine

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

I sip cherry wine from a crystal goblet. 

Within its red swirls a summer spent on a picnic blanket at the edge of Lady’s Lake, dandelion fluff caught in our hair. Birds sang of hardships to come, but we didn’t heed, tangled in each other, legs entwined, hearts beating the same romance. Ants collected scraps as we tasted sweetness in each other. When summer storms threatened, we’d roll until the blanket enveloped us, its red and white checks deepening to burgundy and grey as rain soaked through. Nothing dulled our love. We lived on cherry wine and each other.