Joe Hill uses the short written form beautifully in “20th Century Ghosts.” This collection shows the diversity of Hill’s abilities. His title story is a sweet and sentimental ghost tale. There’s a speculative piece about a friendship with a really fragile boy, one where a kid turns into a giant insect, another where a childhood preoccupation with a cape is revisited, and still another with a savant who constructs portals. These stories have heart. Many explore the complicated relationships between parents and their kids. There’s even a darling tale about the filming of George A. Romero’s iconic zombie film in the Monroeville Mall. (I’ll admit, my sentimental self thrills with mentions of my hometown.) Although there’s not a bad story in the bunch, my favorite is not listed, so readers have to explore more than the stories to find it. Definitely check out this fabulous short story collection.