Much is afoot at the wonderful Carrot Ranch! It’s the final week of the Writing Rodeo, and what an exciting contest it’s been! I hope you’ve tried your hand at wrangling some words to participate in these challenges! Although I posted the link in a different post, here it is again:

Speaking of challenges, Charli Mills has posted a new essay and issued a new challenge. Tell a camp fires story in 99 words. Here’s the link:

My interpretation of the prompt is below. What do you think? (I think I’d like to visit a Witching Wood, actually. How about you?)

Witching Wood

Written by Kerry E.B Black

Don’t leave the campfire’s glow this evening. This is a Witching Wood,

I’m warning you, don’t follow breadcrumbs. You won’t like where they lead. In woods just like these, Wolves charm, Bears make porridge of invaders, and witches’ candied houses grow legs and scratch out secrets. With haunting melodies, PIed Pipers and Washer Women lead the unwary on eternal dances beneath earthen mounds. Even the stars themselves conspire to pixie-lead astray.

See, the full moon hides behind grey veils.

Best shiver in the shadow of ancient, bent boughs beside the campfire until sunlight chases the boogies from our paths.