With an increasingly unreliable perspective and a snarky internal dialogue, “Bunny” by Mona Awad takes its lead from such dark icons as “The Stepford Wives” or “Heathers.” At an exclusive university, Sam is the only person in the creative arts program who doesn’t dress in pastels and pumps. In fact, she much prefers to harpoon the airy-voiced “Bunnies” than interact with them. After an estranged relationship grows odd and a bout with the dreaded writer’s block, Sam accepts an invitation to attend one of the Bunnies’ salons. That’s when things get really weird. 

“Bunny” is Funny. Sad. Sarcastic. Absurd. Honest. The topsy-turvy surreal experience draws startling correlations between art and magic. It looks at conformity and friendship verses truth to self and loneliness. Most spectacular of all, Mona Awad’s prose crackles with wit and sparkles brighter than a bunny’s glittery lip gloss.