This week’s flash fiction challenge from is “lava.” Here’s mine. What do you think? And if you participate, please let me know. I’d love to read your 99 word response!

The Floors are Lava

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

The little boy waved his hands, yelling, “No, no, Momma! Don’t step there! The floors are lava!”

“How am I going to get your homework, then?”

“I don’t want you to burn up. Here,” He scootched over and patted the couch beside him. “Let me snuggle you to keep you safe.”

She wrapped him in a hug. He giggled. 

“You know I do have to get to the homework, though.”

“It’s a shame,  but I’ll have to give up on homework to keep you safe. Can’t have you burn to a crisp.”

“You’re a brave, selfless boy.”

“I know.”