Book Review: The Lift: Nine Stories of Transformation Volume One (2018)

Edited by Daniel Foytik and Scarlett R. Algee

What makes this anthology unique is not only does it feature solid story telling, but there’s also a unifying theme. You see, Once upon a time, The Lift becomes lost, and a well-mannered little girl named Victoria ushers equally lost souls through a potential second chance while her music box tinkles out creepy tunes. 

Further, these stories (and those of subsequent volumes) are performed and produced at the podcast . Another distinctive feature of this anthology is it is peppered with Jeannette Andromeda’s excellent artwork and drawings by Daniel Foytik. Sprinkle with poetry and the atmospheric music from the podcast, and this anthology’s a win!

Nine stories. Nine stops on this episodic exploration of what could be plucked from Dickens – or Serling! My favorites of the nine stories were “Cake” by Nelson W. Pyles and “Escape” by K.B. Goddard, although I’ll admit,  “The Final One” by Charles Rakiecz touched me enough to make me misty-eyed. 

The anthology is, in short, well done, as is the podcast. And for those with Kindle U, it is FREE at the moment.