Book Review: Abnormal by A. J. Mullican

This “New Adult” dystopian sci-fi story drops action on the reader right away. Diminutive Clare lives in a sort of hiding. “Abnormal” people like her (She’s a telepath) are killed off if their families don’t have enough “credits” in their accounts. Although Clare has a passable network of friends and a fake ID, there’s someone who’s after her – someone with intimate understanding of Clare’s situation and personality.

Clare fights off attackers, an attempted rape, and escapes to a sort of hidden community with the help of a dashing stranger. She seems to use her sexuality as a way to defuse the tensions of living in such a hellish place as “Heaven’s Light” and its time of intolerance and classism. 

Packed with action, violence, and strong world-building, A. J. Mullican’s book hints at a sequel.