Book Review: The Fae Realm written by Van Vuuren Ronel Janse

Written in a forthright style using simple language to convey complex subjects, this young adult (ya) book provides insight into Ronel’s interpretation of the fae realm. Introduced first is a new work of fiction by the author followed by research into the various denizens represented in the story. The author draws on such sources as Shakespeare and Keats to enrich the characters created. The result is effectively a field guide for a deeper understanding and appreciation of Ronel’s written world. Readers meet vila, ankou, sirens, gancanagh, caith sith, and other fairy creatures and learn why our ancestors feared them.

The Fae Realm introduced me to several new-to-me otherworldly beings and reminded me of others I’d forgotten. I’m a sucker for folklore and the fae. I also love history and classic literature, so this book is right up my alley.