Book Review: 100 Word Horrors: An Anthology of Horror Drabbles

In 2018, Kevin J. Kennedy issued a challenge to some writer friends – write horror stories for an anthology, but only use 100 words to create your story. His friends came through with a creepy collection best savored in little bites. Anyone who knows me must be familiar with my enthusiasm for short and super-short stories, so this anthology is up my literary alley.

By necessity with drabble writing, the authors weighed each word. Although the collection offers many wonderful writers, there are too many stories to go into individually here. However, I must mention some of my favorites. Ellen Easton’s description in ‘It’s Just a Dream’ is breathtaking. ‘Running from Him’ by Michael A. Arnzen made me say, “Ew, bro!” Eric J. Guignard created an eerie new legend with ‘Foreverman.’ My absolute favorites, though, were Chad Lutz’s ‘Sugar and Spice’ and Kevin J. Kennedy’s ‘Children of the Carnival.’ Both of these excellent drabbles explored the innocence of children.

Some others that grabbed me included ‘Shadows’ by Antonio Simon, Jr., ‘Lightbulb’ by Matthew Brockmeyer, ‘No More’ by Mike Duke, and Suzanne Fox’s story. Many in this collection of scares possess a holiday theme. There are two Thanksgiving and several Christmas explorations.

The ‘100 Word Horrors’ anthology was such a success that there is a second and a third. (And guess what? There was an open call, and as a result, I have a story in the third in the series of 100 Word Horrors!)