Book Review by Kerry E.B. Black: The Cult Called Freedom House by Stephanie Evelyn 


Stephanie Evelyn wrote a powerful, emotionally wracking, and disturbing debut with The Cult Called Freedom House. A teen run away finds a seemingly idyllic new home with a charismatic head and a lot of rules for a place called Freedom House. Still, this disregarded youth is welcomed as a daughter there. A damaged police officer named Sophia Rey goes undercover to find the teen and discover the grisly secrets beneath the cult’s veneer. This first-in-a-series Sophia Rey novel delves into taboos and leaves the reader cringing and sickened. Be warned! This book is not for the weak-stomached. Stephanie Evelyn uses horror and graphic content that leaves readers shocked and disturbed. There’s not much light, but instead Stephanie Evelyn offers an unflinching exploration of the dark, monstrous aspects of man as predator. This book is sure to surprise even hard-core horror fans.