Charli Mills at issued a challenge to any writer interested. Write a story in 99 words that includes white flowers. My response follows. What do you think?

paperwhite narcissus


Written by Kerry E.B. Black

Delicate blooms bobbed from fragile supports, yet fragrance rose like springtime that winter afternoon. Cindy ran a finger along its silky petals, marveling at the minute perfection of the Paperwhites. Narcissi. Named for a narcissist so in love with himself he ignored another and drowned attempting to hug his own reflection.

Cindy smiled at the gift-giver. “They’re beautiful.”

He shrugged. “I picked them.” His gaze swept her party dress and updo. “Are you ready? I mean, is that what you’re wearing?”

Cindy inhaled the delicate perfume and sighed. Never fall in love with a narcissist, yet here I am.