Written by Kerry E.B. Black

 She commands I capture a story using ninety-nine words, but I have lifetime to present. I chafe at the confines, yet by honing the message and pruning the words, I achieve brevity. Brevity is beautiful, right? I strive for beauty. I face doubts and strike blows at fear. A story has an arc, and mine begins with an idea. I face adversity in a stifling word count, fail, edit, and at last reach my goal. In only ninety-nine words, I present a baseline, a struggle, a resolution. It may need flesh, but it is there, only in ninety-nine words.

*Written for the weekly challenge presented by the supportive writers’ group headed by the amazing Charli Mills.

If you’re interested in honing your writing, I recommend you mosey over to the Ranch and check it out. Everyone is welcome to participate!