Charli Mills at issued her latest 99 word challenge. Show a harvest. This is where my mind went.

(By the way, exciting things are happening at Carrot Ranch. They’re hosting a writing rodeo, and it looks exciting, challenging, and fun. I’m looking forward to roping some words and busting a bucking story or two. Join the fun?)

In any case, here’s the story. What do you think?

Gentle Harvest

Written by Kerry E.B. Black


Death walked the hospital halls like a shadow until she found Jane’s glowing soul.  She listened to Jane’s life whispered in rattles and gasps. Death assumed a comforting form. For this soul, she became Jane’s beloved Grandmother. Death stroked the patient’s sweaty hair from her forehead until her twitching calmed. Her voice reverberated with love. “Jane?” Jane’s eyelids fluttered. Pain and fever stole vision. Death hummed a childhood song, one Jane had sung with her Grandmother when they had brought in crops and sipped iced tea after. By holding hands, Death made her harvest and guided Jane home.