My lovely friend Charli Mills has another wonderful 99 word prompt challenge at – Outdoor games. Two of my kiddos play on baseball teams. My littlest is learning, but not as quickly as his team mates. This is a bit of imagination I’m sending for him. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Around and Because

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

Henry stepped to the plate. Eager teammates turned from loaded bases. “Come on, Henry. Don’t blow it.”

“Again,” added Henry.

Two outs. Two runs down. The last inning of a decisive game weighed.

Queasy wriggled his stomach. His hands sweated. He gulped and swung.

“Strike one.”

Coach yelled, “Shake it off, Henry.”

“Strike two.”

He blinked tears. Two balls. A foul tip.

He prayed, swung, connected. The ball soared. Unaccustomed to hitting, he watched it ascend, bounce, roll. Team mates screamed, “run.” He did not. Three slid past him to home plate. They won around and because of Henry.