I found an interesting site- http://predictionfiction.blogspot.co.uk/ – which posts a weekly word-based contest asking for 100 words. This week’s words- midnight, pulp, and huff – need to be included in the 100 words. Follows is my response. What do you think?


Freedom Pie

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

Few claim baking at midnight as an eccentricity, but I do. I specialize in pies. Pumpkin’s my favorite. I love the feel of pulp mixed with spices squelching through my fingers. Father got himself into quite a huff over my nocturnal activities. “Unnatural,” he said, pointing a nicotine-stained finger in my face. I’d smile, because once he’d slept off the drink, he’d tuck in, sometimes devouring the whole thing without sharing.

I expect he’ll be hungry. Always is after a night of cards, so I mixed in an extra-special spice just for him, a little untraceable something I’ll call free-at-last.