The 99 word challenge issued by Charli Mills at inspired a second trading story.

David attended the same riding school as my daughter, though in a class for older kids. The kids aged out as they reached adulthood, so during David and his friend Jenny’s last year, the competition was a bit stiff, though for some, competition’s not as important as friendship.

Blue Ribbon

Written by Kerry E.B. Black


Carla felt honored to judge the annual Riding for the Handicapped competition. She marked the scores on her clip board. The announcer began with the honorable mentions and proceeded to the overall winner, David. Volunteers pinned the blue ribbon to his riding habit. He clapped along with the audience.

Jenny, the rider to David’s left, pulled her yellow second-place from her chest and sobbed.

David reached over. “What’s wrong?”

“I wanted the blue.”

David patted her arm. “We’ll trade.”

Carla interceded. “No, David, you won. That’s yours.”
“I know, but it is making her sad. Besides, I like yellow.”