Charli Mills at issues a weekly prompt with the challenge of writing using exactly 99 words. This week, she tasked anyone interested in participating to write about a hello or a goodbye. Deadline is Wednesday, 4 April. Why not give it a try? My response is below.


First Day at a New School

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

When they collided, their books flew to litter the hallway. “Great!” she shouted, bending to retrieve her armful of texts.

He handed her a paper-wrapped volume, smiling shyly. “Sorry. First day rushing.”

She snatched it. “Thanks to you, I’ll be late.”

He nursed his reddening cheek as she flounced ahead. Her skirt and ponytail swayed, an admonishment of his clumsiness.

“Please don’t go into my room,” he thought. But she did, haughty attitude in a seat at the room’s front.

“Great way to start.” He indulged in a deep breath before taking his place.  “Hello, class. I’m your teacher.”