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16939224_10208742264293269_4664538139264927668_nCrowing for a Peaceful New Year

February 28, 2017

A new year dawned recently, the year of the rooster, and red is the color of wished good fortune in China. So when the morning dawned with a glorious, crimson-stained sky, I sighed at nature’s synchronicity. The date for the Chinese New Year has been determined by the Chinese lunar calendar perhaps since the time of the first emperor, Huang Di around 2637 BC. Because it uses moon phases for its measurement, the day is never the same according to our western reckoning. However, fireworks, parades, amazing food, and red envelopes wishing good fortune mark the occasion.

According to mythology, the Jade Emperor oversaw a race with all the animals, and the first twelve winners became the representatives of the Chinese zodiac. This year’s representative is the Rooster, who came in tenth, and represents reliability, fidelity, and punctuality. People born under…

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