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wickedcdcoverDefying Gravity- Kerry E.B. Black


Dear Reader:

A beautiful Mom of my acquaintance posted to her private social media about an experience she had at the theatre. Hers mirrored many I’ve had with my S-Bear. S-Bear has Cerebral Palsy, sensory issues, and autism, so I worry about her reactions to things. As a result, I seek out “sensitive” performances where the audience is more forgiving. However, not all presentations offer a sensory friendly performance.

My kid loves theatre and musicals. She asks for the same present every year for Christmas – tickets to the Nutcracker ballet. Since she was five, if I could afford to take her, she has attended the amazing performances by the Pittsburgh Ballet at the beautiful Benedum Center. She knows the music and the story. She quietly sways in her seat and sometimes asks whispered questions. I shush her and remind her questions are for intermission…

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