Author Frank Martin‘s works explore what’s hidden within mankind’s hearts. His short story “Skin Deep” tells of family drama and a need for love and acceptance. Sisters trek the road to adulthood questioning their parents’ intentions and rebelling against rules until they reach a sad conclusion. Included in this work is “Horrors of War,” a brief, graphic black and white line art depiction of the horrors of war and men’s hearts. The artwork by Chris Winters, set in the smoke of battle, tells a chilling story of soldiers who discover the beasts lurking within themselves and their targets. The collection included “Ordinary Monsters: High School and the Final Solution” which followed the friendship of two friends in search of something more than the ultimate party. However, Erik and his family harbor a secret which threatens the boys’ relationship. This short story explores themes darker than the trust between teens. Its historic exploration of the terrifying Holocaust of World War II infuses the work with emotional depth. The collection concludes with another riveting short animated collaboration between Winters and Martin. In all, Martin’s take on the theme of horrors lurking beneath seemingly placid surfaces  of the human psyche takes its readers in interesting directions.