This was my experience with my daughter’s first year of voting this year.

One Year of Letters

14976225_10207844503889820_320368618_oI Voted

November 14, 2016

Today, our nation votes for a new president. Here, a senate seat, several local officers, and a poorly veiled referendum will be decided as well. I took my sixteen-year-old to witness the voting process, as I have since she was small. She will be eligible to vote soon, just like her idealistic college-age sister.

Then there’s my nineteen-year-old. My Bear. She is biologically eligible to vote, yet because of her mental impairments, I hesitated when it came to registration. She and I talked long and hard about the state of the country and the candidates. We discussed the duties and importance of the offices. She twirled her hair, overwhelmed. When I studied communications in college years ago, I wore journalistic integrity like a mantle. I secured a job as a correspondent for a local Gannet publication, and for every assignment, I kept distance and perspective…

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