Charli Mills’ latest 99 word challenge prompted writers to think about raptors. Follows is my story. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

On Owl’s Wings

A story of 99 words written by Kerry E.B. Black



Its unblinking eyes unnerved Hal as much as knowing why it visited. His people told owl’s purpose. It conveyed souls to the afterlife. Hal flapped his clipboard at it, hoping it would fly from its perch above the ambulance, but it remained unflappable.

                The rest of the crew pushed a laden gurney through the nursing home doors. The owl craned its white-feathered neck for a better view.

“Leave her alone,” Hal said, but with the sound of muffled dying, the owl swooped, talons outstretched.

                Hal muffled a scream, helpless to stop the winged death collect the dying woman’s soul.