The challenge – write a story in 99 words about a big brown dog. Follows is my answer, and yes, it is based on a true story, though the doggie is colored more coffee heavy on the cream.

Constant Companion

Flash fiction about a service dog written for Carrot Ranch

Latte rested her head on Sally’s lap, and the girl wrapped her arms around Latte’s neck, sobbing until the dog’s fur turned slick. “I thought Jen was my friend.” Latte licked the tears, blinking acceptance and love as her girl hiccuped. “They laughed at my crutches, called me stupid.” Sally’s grip tightened, and Latte gulped. Sally’s Cerebral Palsy made muscle control difficult. “It isn’t fair.” Latte wiggled which loosened the grip a bit, then placed a paw on the girl’s lap. “I don’t hate them. I hate myself.”

Latte wished for human language. Sally sniffed, understanding. “I love you, too.”