Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch challenged us to write a story involving lenses in 99 words. Although she sought a more global and wide-sweeping approach to the theme, the word brought to mind an experience with one of my little ones. It profoundly impacted my life for a couple of days, but the ending turned out okay. At least to my way of thinking.


Different Perspectives

Written by Kerry E.B. Black


The doctor handed me a script. “The ophthalmologist in Monroeville is gentle.” I thanked her, cradling my six-year-old daughter’s hand, stretching a smile across my worry.

She blinked up at me. “Do I need glasses, momma?”

“We’ll see.”

The ophthalmologist’s staff administered a drop in her trusting eye. She screamed against its burn, thrashing in the seat. Doctors asked for help restraining her flailing fifty pounds. Tests ended inconclusively, leading to more tests until the doctor and I sat with my girl.

“I find nothing wrong with her.”

I sunk with relief, but my girl cried. “I wanted glasses.”