My friend Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch issued a challenge- write a story in 99 words including a dinosaur reference. This is my offering.


Dinosaur in Translation

Written by Kerry E.B. Black


Senora thundered like a Tyrannosaurus through the classroom, her glares quieting even the most troublesome of her students. “Open your books to chapter twenty-three,” she instructed, staring them into compliance. “Who can tell me the meaning of the passage at the top of the page?”

None of the pupils met her gaze.

Senora commanded, “Maria, recite.”

With a trembling voice, Maria began, “Hay un dinosaurio grande en la entrada…”

“Maria, por favor.”

Maria giggled, noting Senora’s position in the doorway. She cleared her voice and restarted. “Hay un dinosaurio grandee n la entrada de la escuela.”

The children laughed.T-rex.jpg