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One Year of Letters

13900975_10207026594922607_898568612_nAnother Diagnosis

August 8, 2016

Involved parents know their children. They feel their kids’ plights even when the children don’t use words to convey problems. Like sensitive barometers, moms and dads feel changes in their progeny and use their intellect and intuition as guides for action.

When my S-Bear failed to crawl as an infant, doctors showed little concern. Children develop at different rates, and she was meeting all of her other milestones, they said. Even in my inexperience, I had a feeling they were wrong. I read everything I could, and before her first birthday, neurologists determined my beautiful girl had Cerebral Palsy.

Since her diagnosis, she’s endured countless surgeries to help her walk, attended hours of therapies to best use her body, and suffered some severe trauma. I stay with and support her every step of this convoluted journey.

Her C.P. manifests with some cognitive difficulties, and for…

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