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One Year of Letters

13840529_10206968572032071_927766050_oWhat Will People Say? – Kerry E.B. Black

July 27th, 2016

Dear Reader-

At my uncle’s memorial service, I saw grief hollow my cousins’ eyes. I recalled these people as the beautiful children with whom I spent countless hours playing every game we could think up. All mourning begins as an internalagony, and although I couldn’t intrude on theirs, I wanted to ease their pain. Before taking my seat, I stumbled over condolences and embraces while feeling deficient.

During the service, the pastor asked, “When your time comes, what will people say about you?”

I considered. I know what I’d like those who knew me to say, but did I measure up to my hopes?

I spend time worrying about finances. I haven’t enough put away to provide for my children’s futures. This leads to anxiety, which I’m ashamed to…

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