Charli Mills at asked for a “surprise in a desert” written in exactly 99 words. This is what I offered. Please let me know what you think of it, and check out the writings of the Rough Riders at Carrot Ranch. They are an impressive group with works well worth reading. Thank you!


Daria’s Daring

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

Daria’s footsteps thumped hollow impressions into russet sand, revealing unyielding stone. A single breeze erased any trace of her passage.

She wiped sweat before it stung her eyes and licked lips cracked and hardened from neglect. Their surface mimicked the terrain stretched before her. Inhospitable, disinterested in her contributions, save the vultures eager to pluck out her tear-swollen eyes.

Over the hill, a strip of asphalt meandered toward sunrise. Taking it meant leaving everything she knew, but that everything cared little for her.

Without a backward glance, she rushed ahead, ready to be swept into the current of change.