Despite facing cripling challenges, Charli Mills continues to manage Carrot Ranch. Her prompt challenge this week was “Write a story in 99 words about HOME.” This is my response, sent with hopes Charli and her family find the comforts necessary soon.palomino

On the Range
Written by Kerry E.B. Black

Winds whipped tall grasses, a prairie dance set to a windy orchestra. Mac’s palomino stiffened, nostrils flaring.

Mac rubbed his horse’s trembling withers. “We’re almost there, you crazy old thing.”
The saddle groaned as he mounted and settled into leather worn to cradle him. His shoulders throbbed, yet Mac kept soldier-straight posture.

The horse’s ears pricked forward, and his strides lengthened.

“That’s right. You remember, don’t you?”

Blond mane lifted when he removed the bridle, revealing scars healed with Mac’s care. He uncinched the saddle and pad. He saluted. “The military thanks you. Now move, stallion. Your herd awaits.”