My latest letter at focuses on the importance of positive male role models.

One Year of Letters

13211077_10206412348766837_377163272_oFathers Know

June 23, 2016

I’ve been blessed by having some amazing men in my life.

For years, my father worked two jobs to provide for his family. He poured love into the activities we shared, from weekends in the Laurel Mountains to family picnics at parks. He rescued me when I’d climb too high and, like a kitten, become stuck and frozen. The smell of his aftershave reminds me of the times I sat at his feet as he prepared for work, ridding his face of thick, dark hair. He listened for our breathing when we were infants and watched over our swimming, wary and ready. He set off fireworks to delight us and, to our dismay, ate anchovies on pizza. My father is a man of few words, yet a strong person with deep convictions. I’d be lying if I said we always saw eye-to-eye, but he taught…

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