A tribute to one of the many veterans who served our country.

One Year of Letters

10982083_10204359709817762_5944309557979217300_nCharles O.

May 30, 2016

My Pap Pap hesitated when talking about the worst aspects of the war. No matter how much I asked, he evaded. I knew he served in the US Army during World War II, so I chose my words with care when asking about his deployment. However, as the father of fifteen children and grandfather to thirty-five, my grandfather had mastered the art of conversational deflection.

He’d answer a question with, “I thought of your grandmother the whole time I was overseas. She’s such a beauty. Here, look at this photograph. Doesn’t she look like a gypsy?”

I’d try to steer the conversation back to history. “Did you storm the beach at Normandy?”

He’d respond with, “She came with me to Texas where I had Basic Training. We eloped. Boy, was her mom mad! That’s why we have two wedding anniversaries. See, we had to get…

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