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One Year of Letters

13288977_10206526558182001_1211935637_nHeavy Lifting

May 23, 2016

I think everyone gets there, that point where the weight of the world threatens to crush us beneath. We are not Atlas. We are not designed to shoulder the burdens of a beleaguered world. Yet we strive. We impose upon ourselves and take on responsibilities. We plan and do our best, yet sometimes, oftentimes, or occasionally, we crumple. We drop to our knees our bodies riddled with jabs and blows dealt by an ever-present threat. Like a used tissue, rough winds roll us to the trash mound.

But by the morning, we straighten. We press the creases and try again. From our center, be it God or some other source, our spines align, we stand straight, and we examine again. From afar, the world is a sphere of swirling blue and teal, bleeding together, united in need. At the core, our experiences are universal. We…

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