One Year of Letters

13211077_10206412348766837_377163272_oTribute to My Mom

May 9, 2016

It’s Mother’s Day here in the United States as I write this letter. Flipping through the cable guide, I came across a number of irreverent television offerings, including “Mommy Dearest.” I’ve heard people say they didn’t want to be like their mothers. “You’re growing into your mother,” is an apparent insult.

It’s funny, but I wish I were more like my Mom.

I’ve been blessed with amazing parents. The example they provided formed the foundation of who I am and gave a benchmark for what I hope to someday become. Daddy worked away from the home, and for a part of my upbringing, Mom stayed with my siblings and me. She made us her business, building us up and encouraging us to pursue our passions.

My mother has an uncompromising strength of character, and she taught my siblings and me fair play and…

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