Tara at https://thinspiralnotebook.com issued a 100 word challenge with a garden theme. How could I resist? What do you think of my 100 word offering?


Transplanted Lily

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

Life began in a garden for Lily. Her mother labored and delivered her bonny girl among the petunias while a family of bunnies looked on. Lily grew healthy beneath sunny skies, collecting April showers in a rain barrel and recycling scraps to enrich the soil. Dirt rimmed her fingernails, and she smelled of the eastern winds.

When Stephen met her weeding a strawberry patch, he held his breath, fearful he’d frighten her and she’d run the way deer fled. Sunlight caught in her locks and colored her cheeks. He wanted to transplant this Lily to a garden of their own.