The Challenge from asked writers to incorporate the word “job” into a 100 word piece. Follows is my take. What do you think?


Get a Job

Written by Kerry E.B. Black


Benny corralled crumbs and dust with a broom, ignoring sniggers from fellow teens. He always ignored sniggers, especially from fellow teens.

One yelled, “Hey, Useless, I see your butt-crack!”

Benny checked. He’s covered.

The kids guffawed.

Ashley the waitress slapped their bill on the table and glared.

Benny liked Ashley. Kind, pretty Ashley never laughed at him.

The teens huddled over the check, whispering. “More than I thought it’d be.” “Maybe she made a mistake?” “Mom didn’t give me enough.”

Benny emptied the dustpan and leaned on his broom. “Know how to fix your problem?” he asked. “Get a job.”