Anne Goodwin issues the newest challenge from – in 99 words, write about “showing someone around a property.” Here’s what I came up with. What do you think?


Foggy Friend                      word count: 99

Written by Kerry E.B. Black


Helen followed the frog as it hopped beneath plants not-yet grown into their foliage, fascinated by the little thing’s movements. New to walking, Helen toddled, entranced by her new friend. For its part, the amphibian seemed to wait until the child caught up, leading a merry tour about its home.

Her lips formed rosebuds when it hopped afield. “Foggy.”

Mud squelched around her Robeez, holding with greed.

Helen tugged but freed only her foot. She left the shoe to continue after her willing quarry, a memento for a mother who should have kept better track of a darling girl.


(Image from the San Diego Zoo)