Y is for Young Indiana Jones

Remembered by Kerry E.B. Black


George Lucas created and produced an American television show allowing a glimpse into the life of one of his fictional heroes, Henry “Indiana” Jones. The show ran from March, 1992 until summer, 1993 and inspired tv movie spinoffs, another television show, trading cards, and games.

Corey Carrier played the young hero for episodes one through ten, and Sean Patrick Flanery assumed the role for the remaining thirty-four. . Episodes began and ended with recollections from the elderly Indiana (portrayed by George Hall), although Harrison Ford popped by to bookend one episode in 1993

As could be expected, Indiana Jones led an exciting life. He explored the world with his father (portrayed by Lloyd Owen), mother (Ruth de Sosa), and tutor Helen Seymour (Margaret Tyzark), fought in World War I where he befriended Remy Baudouin (Ronny Coutteure), and met many famous people, sometimes before they were famous. He made the acquaintance of such notables as George Gershwin, Carl Jung and Freud, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Pancho Villa, and T.E. Lawrence. In one episode, he met artist greats Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, and Norman Rockwell. He and Ernest Hemingway were enamored of the same gal.

Although the series were nominated for eighteen Emmys and won six, and it won a Golden Globe, the series was criticized as slow-moving and clunky. The follow up movies were presented in the hopes of reviving the series, but to no avail at the moment. However, the existent series allowed viewer a glimpse into Indiana’s formative years. “Before the world discovered Indiana, Indiana discovered the world.”

young Indiana Jones