Uunsolved history

U is for Unsolved History

Remembered by Kerry E.B. Black


“Unsolved History” was an American television series originally produced for the Discovery Channel. It ran from 2002 until 2005, including forty-seven episodes in three seasons, exploring a number of unsolved historical mysteries including Jack the Ripper, The Boston and St. Valentine’s Day Massacres, The Salem Witch Trials, and the Bermuda Triangle. Narrators J.v. Martin and Keith Leen Kern introduced ideas while actors portrayed figures from the murky past, interspersed with investigators who offered theories and facts. Much of the unsolved history of the world is chilling. To think of the inhumanity perpetrated upon fellow men shows true evil. Who betrayed the Anne Frank family in Holland during World War II? What happened to the inhabitants of America’s Lost Colony? Can a Hope Diamond visit a curse upon those who hold it? Where did Nazis hide after the war? This series brought historic horrors and intrigue to the collective imagination.