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13084306_10206323167217354_1939890636_nSportsmanship and Selflessness

April 25, 2016

Today, M-man took the field for his first day of T-ball. He overcame shyness, prying himself from my leg, and donned his LA Dodgers uniform. He looked adorable as he imitated his coach’s stance, gloved hand on his knees. He fielded and hit and ran the bases, though he did forget to drop the bat after batting. The whole time, he grinned.

In fact, the enthusiasm of all the children on the team left me energized and charmed. They patted each other on the back as they rounded bases and embraced at home, although they only met a brief few minutes before.

The afternoon reminded me of one of S-bear’s horse shows. She participated in an adapted riding program, and in the autumn, the stable hosted a show with judges and ribbons. The kids quivered with anticipation. One of S-bear’s team, a young man…

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