This little story is true, or how I imagine it happened, captured in Ninety-nine words exactly, and written in response to the 13 April challenge issued by Carrot Ranch.

The Tea Fairy’s Visit

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

No one should feel forgotten during the holidays, not even moms.

Michelina slid a selection of teas beside a china teapot and packaged biscuits. A teacup’s translucence contrasted with red and green towels and Leslie’s hand-sewn patchwork cozy. She wrapped the box with flourish and signed the card “From the Tea Fairy.” She drove passed the house three times before smiling at the owner’s absence. She crept through back door with its broken lock. Feeling like Santa, she left her package. The single Mom who spent all her money on her kids would have a gift for Christmas, too.