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One Year of Letters

shakespeare_caesar_quote_products_et_tu_brute_postcard-rc5b4c8b726384895aeb3eb43b7e3795c_vgbaq_8byvr_324Divorce and Friendship

April 18, 2016

Make no mistake. Divorce does not only involve the couple separating. I’m not talking about the unfortunate children caught up in the drama. Theirs is a particularly painful and messed up odyssey even in the most amicable of splits, and an entire psychological team wouldn’t be able to do justice to their plight in the span of a single letter. I don’t feel equal to exploring their saga in such a format.

The purpose of this letter concerns friends and family of a divorcing couple.

Memories of my divorce vacillate between pain-dulled to raw and visceral, but the utter abandonment by many I considered friends shocked me.

As a single mom of a then infant and a little one with special needs, getting out and about was difficult at best. I cherished adult interactions, but with the divorce, many such ties fell away. With…

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