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11214732_10206240667514913_9052733141022030037_nMy Love for Her

April 11, 2016

I have a little girl I adore more than I can say. Her bright curls cage the sun, and her vivacity and unique approach to life captures my heart.

As with all of my children, I pour love into her cup each morning, pour until it overflows and spills to puddles at her feet. Most days, she leaves the cup on the counter and goes about her day. I set the cup aside, clean it for use when she comes home. When she returns, I reach for her, long to embrace my growing beauty, but she stiffens and dodges. “Oh, Mother,” she says.

“I love you,” I tell her. I write the words in notes and unanswered texts. I end every conversation with the words that consume my heart. “I love you, my daughter.”

Her silence crackles like an aneurism. It digs a…

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