Being Human

Reviewed by Kerry E.B. Black


“Being human is harder than it looks,” or so the SyFy show’s tagline goes. This remake of the UK show aired from January, 2011 until 2014 and follows the struggles of supernatural beings trying to make a go at a normal life in Boston, Massachusetts. Toby Whithouse created the show which ran for 52 episodes.

Aidan Waite (Sam Witwer) and Josh Levinson (Sam Huntington) room together, only to find they are not alone. Sally Malik (Meaghan Roth), resident ghost, joins them. Aidan and Josh work at the local hospital, appear as attractive twenty-something young men, and harbor secrets.

Aidan lived during the Revolutionary War until he was turned into a vampire. He rebels against the codified world the vampire community established. His vampire sire James Bishop (Mark Pellegrino) works as a police officer. After Aidan kills his “creator,” Bishop haunts Aidan’s conscience.

Josh Levinson inadvertently turned his on-again-off-again girlfriend Nora Sergeant (Kristen Hager) into a werewolf like him. When she discovers they can free themselves of their curses if they kill the man who turned them, Josh gets bloody. The cure only helped him, though, leaving Nora to navigate the challenges of lycanthropy on her own. That is, until a bad-butted, full-blooded werewolf attacked Josh, leaving permanently afflicted. Nora and Josh marry and have two children.

The boys’ fake-helpful landlord murdered Sally, trapping his ex-fiancé as a spirit. During the show, Sally sacrificed herself to save her friends, and to reciprocate, her friends enlisted the aid of a witch who brings back not only Sally but also two other ghosts. The problem with such a resurrection, though, is after a short while, the one-time ghost grows more zombie like and requires flesh. Sally returns to ghost-dome rather than eat someone she holds dear. When Aidan discovered the landlord’s role in Sally’s sorry state, he scares him. The man confesses to his crimes and is killed in prison. He returned as an angry spirit intent upon “shredding” Sally. A reaper named Steve interceded, shredding the landlord’s spirit instead. The reaper named Steve is, in truth, a sort of repressed aspect of herself.

Vampires vied for power. “Mother” and her biological daughter Suren rise to power. Aidan and Suren fall in love. They planned to elope, but Mother discovered them and killed Suren. Aidan is buried for over a year. During that time, a strain of influenza decimated a great number of vampires.

Revenant-type ghosts feast on stray cats, a witch works at the soup kitchen, and consequences from such things as a one night stand come back to harry the characters. Factions order “hits” against Aidan or Josh, and much bloodshed occurs.

The show strives for a humorous approach, with friendships surmounting obvious problems.