One Year of Letters

12443298_10205993444454491_1784962057_nA Letter to My Children

March 21, 2016

Dear Children,

I wasn’t always as boring as you perceive me. I notice your rolled eyes and patronization. I suppose to you I am a doddering fool whose grasp of these modern times is tentative at best. Indeed, some people found me interesting once.

You see, as a young person, I volunteered at several riding stables, exchanging my labor for horsemanship lessons. However, a growth spurt dashed my aspirations of becoming a jockey. (Five foot seven is far too tall for a jockey.)

I loved theatre. Makeup and costumes allowed me to be close to the stage until I built up my courage and assumed roles. I sang in musicals and performed in school productions. I was paid for my talents in a few productions, but in college, a professor put my aspirations into a different perspective. “Drop your clothes” met with…

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