I wrote a second 99 word answer to Charli at Carrot Ranch’s call for a monster, because, well, who could resist?

Put Up a Fight

Written by Kerry E.B. Black


Sylvia scowled at her ruined manicure as the family served breakfast. Quiche again. Sylvia’s sister only made quiche. When Sylvia chewed her second bite, a hair tickled her throat. She extracted it, disgusted. Long and black. “Gross.”

Mother set a napkin on her lap. “You girls be careful. Police found another body last night. Pauline Prescott.”

Sylvia’s mouth fell open. “I know her!”

Her sister flipped her blonde strands. “Knew. Mom said she’s dead.”

Mother’s brows knitted. “Pauline was that brunette cheerleader, right?”

Sylvia nodded.

“Police said she put up a fight.”

Sylvia thought, “Enough to ruin a manicure.”